Water Systems

How it works

Water Underfloor Heating works through warm water being pumped through pipes laid in the floor. These emit a consistently even radiant heat to your personal living space, offering you the ultimate in all round warmth and comfort. By radiating heat from the floor surface upwards, cold spots and draughts associated with traditional radiator convection systems are eliminated. An underfloor heating system will generally run at around 45°C as opposed to 80°C used in a radiator system. This will reduce both running costs and your energy usage.

Our main systems are as follow:

  • In Screed – Pipes pinned to the insulation layer, then screeded over.
  • Joisted – Heat Emission Plates stapled to the joists, pipes then laid into the channels in the plates.
  • Overlay – Overlay Boards attached to the sub-floor using spray adhesive, pipes then laid into channels in the boards.
  • Minitec – Self-Adhesive Minitec Panels attached to the sub-floor, pipes then laid into panels and screeded over.

We supply a huge range of high quality materials. Therefore our systems can be designed to perfectly suit your floors needs, but also allows our prices to be very competitive.

Not sure what system is best suited to your floor?

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