Neostat Black + White-Heatmiser NeoStat

Heatmiser’s range of NeoStat thermostats are second to none in terms of quality and affordability. Whether you are looking for a standard dial thermostat or the latest WiFi enabled touch screen, we have the solution for you through our Heatmiser range.

The NeoStat gives you the ability to control your heating system effortlessly whether you’re home or not. From anywhere in the world a smart phone app can be used to program any multi-zone system. They have also developed easy to navigate programming and an operating system using the back lit touchscreen at the bottom of the thermostat.

Self learning preheat calculates the heat up time required to warm the house in time for when you wake up and return home. It will detect any changes in the house which causes the heat up time to change and will therefore alter this. This optimises efficiency and reduces the running cost.

EB-Therm 400_RGB_EN

EB-Therm 400

All our thermostats are digital, microprocessor controlled and equipped with fuzzy technology. This means that from the outset the thermostat gathers data which it then calculates to when it should switch on and off. It keeps temperature fluctuations to a minimum, which provides an even heat and uses less energy. Fluctuations vary between +/- 0.3 degrees.

Keep Track on Consumption

EB-Therm 400 can keep track of energy consumption by reading its running time in percentage. It calculates the time used in the last days, weeks, months and years. If you know which effect the set up has, you can therefore calculate energy consumption and get the actual operation cost.

*Energy consumption (kWh) = Installed output (kW) x Time in effect (h)

 Precise Control

The thermostat can control the temperature in three different ways; floor thermostat, room thermostat or a combination of the both. There is also an adjustable over heating protection which makes it suitable for material which cannot exceed 27°C, for example wooden floors. Therefore you can use the EB-Therm 400 for controlling underfloor heating for all floor types.